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Slim and Whitey Comedy is the writing and performing collaboration of Hans Scharler and Demetrius Parker ("D").

Hans and "D" started working together in February 2000. "D" is a well established actor for film, stage, and TV productions and commercials. His background also includes modeling, song writing, and singing. His solid character portrayal, insults, and improv make for incredible performances. Hans spends his time writing and acting for radio, film, TV, and sketch comedy. He is best known for his outrageous physical comedy, skewed impressions, improv, and subtle humor - blurring the line between comedy and reality.

The collaboration of these polar opposites led to some ground breaking performances, scripts, and general annoyances. From their improv and writing, two characters emerged and this led to Slim and Whitey Comedy - the feature film project, stage show, and comedy group.


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Slim and Whitey Comedy